Collection for serving tea or coffee KON has a minimalistic look ,is very functional and user friendly. It has simple shaping concept. Main rule in here is 5° degree angle which directs whole appearance of the collection. You can see it in main glass parts, glass handles and also in plastic elements of kettle. We have paid big attention to all details and material finishes.

Collection consists of two sizes of kettle with plastic cap and strainer which is locked by bayonet closure so it is easy and fast to take it off and put back again. There are three sizes of glasses, one espresso size, then bigger tea glass and latte macchiato glass. Collection feature also three sizes of bowls, when the middle one is also used for kettle warmer glass. Warmer itself is made of stainless steel and works as an universal product which is possible to use with any kettle from whole SIMAX collection. Warmer could be used with or without glass bowl around.

This is good example of our approach to design universal elements within the collection which will be possible to use in other product lines too without any compromise. It was extremely important for us to design functional and visually appealing products for masses.

SIMAX is traditional Czech brand for heat resistant glass with long tradition and is being sold in more then 50 countries around the world.

Collection KON has received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013 from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design as proof of well designed product.


produced under SIMAX brand.


Collection has been developed for KAVALIERGLASS brand SIMAX together with designer Matěj Chabera.