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photo: Petr Karšulín photo: Petr Karšulín photo: Petr Karšulín photo: Petr Karšulín

SIT is a collection of glasses for hot and cold drinks. The SIT glasses are characterised by a smooth concave indent in the wall. This shape of the glass makes each piece in the collection fit wonderfully in the hand. For hot drinks the SIT line-up is available with a silicone grip decorated with a gentle debossed pattern resembling tea leaves or coffee beans. Generous thickness of the grip means that boiling water can be handled safely. The soft material adds protection to the glass when tipped and enables very secure stacking. It is also the obvious colour element in the collection ranging from black and grey to orange, red, green and beige. The key overall feature of the SIT glasses – with and without the grip – is that the two sizes are stackable between each other. Even the large one fits into the small one.

SITs are produced from the legendary SIMAX borosilicate glass that provides the same impact resistance as porcelain yet it is thin and light in the hand. SIMAX can handle large temperature differences and it is safely possible to pour boiling water directly in the glasses.


produced under SIMAX brand.


Collection has been developed for KAVALIERGLASS brand SIMAX together with designer Matěj Chabera.