The concept for LIN was to reduce material and form into designs that are balanced, clean and obviously functional. One of design’s key elements is the ability to transcend time periods, places and cultures and LIN is the very embodiment of these values.

The form is all based on straight lines and circles, combining clear borosilicate glass with clear or colored poly-carbonate plastics. The pot lids feature a silicon rim for a perfect secure fit and provide a removable tea filter. Each cup comes with a glass lid that serves to keep the drink hot, but also adds elegant serving possibilities for biscuits, tea bags and sugar. Thanks to the lid the cups also stack very securely with or without the glass saucer. Altogether LIN is the ideal balance of functionality and aesthetics.

LIN is produced from the legendary SIMAX borosilicate glass that provides the same impact resistance as porcelain yet it is thin and light in the hand. SIMAX can handle large temperature differences and it is safely possible to boil water directly in the teapots on a gas or electric stove.

The whole collection is now in production and is reaching global markets throughout 2012 and 2013.


produced under SIMAX brand.


Collection has been developed together with designer Matěj Chabera.