How to take care about 3D printed objects? - Martin Žampach

How to take care about 3D printed objects?

I am using PLA material for most of my 3D prints. It is material derived from renevable resources and of course it has some specific properties. Properties which doesn't alow it beeing washed in the diswasher because it changes shape at temperatures exceeding 50 °C and becomes soft.

It is therefore better to clean vases printed on a 3D printer with a wet cloth or under running water, not in a dishwasher. Also, don't expose them to direct sunlight, it may cause shape deformations.

So, what about to choose one of these home decor vases?

ZIGZAG 3d printed vase with red gradientSPIRAL 3d printed vase with violet gradientWAVE 3d printed vase in nobble blue color

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