LOOPS: coffee table collection

LOOPS: coffee table collection

The LOOPS coffee table collection was created based on a desire to go beyond the limits of 3D printing and to create products that are unique not only in their form, but also in their production process. Emphasis was placed on the use of unique materials that reflect respect for nature and a desire to create products with the least negative impact. 

The table bases are made using a 3D printing industrial robot, which allows creating products that are significantly larger sizes than is common on desktop 3D printers. In addition, a wider range of materials can be used. 

The LOOPS collection thus builds on the vase collections, but technologically moves to a new level. The print head patiently traces the chosen shape and applies layer after layer of composite material containing cellulose from responsible forestry. The table bases thus literally grow in front of your eyes. 

Thanks to the almost infinite shape possibilities offered by 3D printing, the table bases are available in several geometric shapes. The surface texture formed by the individual layers of material is remotely reminiscent of the traditional ceramic creation technique and stands in contrast to the otherwise simple morphology of the bases.

Each base carries a table top made of 100% recycled plastic from the Czech company Plastic Guys. The table tops are created by crushing, melting and then moulding the used plastic. The LOOPS collection includes three colour variations of the table top- a magical black with white details, a minimalist white with dark spots and a semi-transparent cream complemented by white shades. Thanks to the variety of input material, each board is completely unique in its texture and the intensity of the complementary colour. The table bases and tops can be further recycled and recreated into other products with a new life cycle.

The tables are available in three heights and therefore are ideal for combining with different heights of seating furniture.


Collaboration: VOXELL and PLASTIC GUYS

Material: UPM Formi 3D and GOD panel

Photos by: Radek Úlehla

Photo location: zeitgeist.limited

Tags: #additivemanufacturing #LSAM # LFAM #FGF


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